Safe Isolation

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  1. Ideal 44-985UK Industrial Contractor Lock Out Tag Out Kit



    • Aimed at the fully approved contractor.
    • Contains a broad range of devices allowing you to lock off most breakers on the market.
    • Comes in a handy pouch that keeps your kit close to hand and easily accessible. 
    • Durable zipped pouch keeps your devices safe and helps to prevent loss.
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  2. Seaward PPX Proving Unit (112A910)



    • High Voltage DC (approx 240V) For LV indicators and Test Lamps.
    • Essential for testing potential indicators before and after use.
    • Carry Case.
    • Belt Clip.
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  3. Advanced Testmate ET200 Electrical Tester



    • High Resolution LCD Display
    • AC/DC Voltage Indication
    • Polarity Detection
    • Single-pole phase test
    • Continuity test
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  4. Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit



    100% of 100
    • Can source voltage into devices with both low and high input impedances (many proving units cannot source into low impedance).
    • Sources DC as well as the normal AC
    • Stable fixed output voltage means you can test Multimeter's, Clamp-Multimeter's, Voltage Testers and 2-pole Testers
    • Long battery life - up to 5,000 verification tests per set
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  5. Martindale VT12 Voltage Tester



    • Excellent value Voltage and Continuity tester for universal applications.
    • Constructed in accordance with the latest safety standards.
    • Bright LED indication and the ability to give a full voltage indication, even without batteries.
    • Ergonomically designed and durable enough for both industrial and domestic uses.
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