Phase Rotation & Phase Finders

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  1. Socket and See EPF Pro Hazardous Voltage and Phase Finder



    • Robust construction with IP54 water and dust ingress rating
    • Safe Live Phase detection
    • Voltage measurement range 50 - 600VAC
    • Extremely safe to use
    • Fully functioning even if wearing full PPE
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  2. Advanced Testmate PRI-100 Phase Rotation Indicator with Leads



    • High quality digital instrument designed to detect the rotary field of three phase systems.
    • Supplied with Fused Test leads with both Crocodile Clips & shuttered lantern spring probes.
    • Independently tested to EN61010-1:2001, EN61557-7: 1997.
    • 12 months replacement warranty (Excluding Test Leads).
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  3. Socket & See EPF30 Professional Easy Phase Finder



    • Built-in push button self test to guarantee correct working
    • Bright LED plus continuous audible tone to indicate found phase - live supply
    • Patented TPL (True Phase Locator) Technology finds the true phase supply
    • Auto power off to conserve battery life
    • Works even with a mixed bundle of open circuit conductors
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  4. Kewtech KEW8035 Non Contact Phase Rotation Tester



    • New technology permits safe testing, without the need of direct contact between probes and live wires.
    • The insulated crocodile clips can clip insulated cables from ø2.4 to 30mm.
    • Phase rotation is indicated by the rotary illumination of LEDs and logical audible tones.
    • The instrument can be fixed to a metal panel via the magnet on the back side.
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  5. Kewtech KEW8031F Phase Rotation Tester



    • Phase indicator designed to check the presence of open phase and phase sequence by rotating disk lamps
    • Can check wide range of 3 phase power source from 110V to 600V
    • Colour coded to confirm with both old and new EU colour regulation
    • Fuse leads with screw-in croc-clips 
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