Flue Gas Analysers & Kits

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  1. Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser with Printer 0563 3110



    • High quality , affordable FGA with draught, ambient CO and pressure measurement
    • Ideal for commissioning new boilers according to Gas Safe TB143
    • For use with all common fuel types
    • Automatic CO sensor protection shuts off pump
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  2. TPI DC710 Flue Gas Analyser



    • Operate remotely via Bluetooth using your smart phone
    • Calculate CO2, CO, O2, Excess Air, and Combustion Efficiency
    • Easily create reports to send to your customer
    • Durable, rugged and sealed housing
    • Low annual calibration cost on £85 + VAT*
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  3. TPI DC710C1 Flue Gas Analyser Kit



    • Bluetooth connectivity and free TPI app
    • USB Charger
    • DC710 Unit
    • Rugged and Sealed Housing
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  4. TPI DC710C2 Flue Gas Analyser Kit



    • Bluetooth connectivity, free TPI app
    • Includes gas analyser, smart probe, charger, probe and carru case
    • Measure CO and temperature differential
    • Durable and robust design
    • Powerful magnetic and/or hook mounting
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  5. Kane 504 Boiler Analyser



    100% of 100
    • Suitable for use with all common 'domestic' fuels including Natural Gas, Propane, Heavy Oil, LPG and Light Oil.
    • Bespoke Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) sensor to directly measure CO2 and a long life electrochemical sensor to measure CO.
    • Compact combustion analyser with rotary switch.
    • Long life sensors measure.
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