Fluke T150 Voltage & Continuity Tester With Switchable Load LCD & Ohms



  • Resistance measurement
  • Voltage AC/DC 6V-690V
  • LED Indicators
  • LCD display
  • GS38 probe tips
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Warranty 2 years
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Fluke T150 Voltage & Continuity Tester With Switchable Load LCD & Ohms

All of the testers in Fluke's two pole tester range have been designed to make the job safe and easy for all engineers, the T150 is the most advanced tester in the range, coupling this with the same rugged and straight forward, easy to use design as the other units, the T150 is the perfect two pole tester. The LED indicators lighting up let the engineer know that voltage is rising and can display the value on the LCD screen. The wires on the unit have been designed to withstand being bent, scratched, twisted and generally worn, this reduces the likelihood of the wire splitting which would be unsafe for the engineer using the two pole tester.

Unlike the other testers in the range, the T150 can measure resistance up to 1999 Ω, and like the T130 it can measure voltage 6V-690V, continuity 0-400kΩ, frequency 0/40-400Hz and Phase rotation of 100V-690V.

Features Comparison   T90   T110 T130 T150
Backlit LED Indicator
Backlit LCD Digital Display - -
Continuity Test - Visual Results
Continuity Test - Audible Results
 with on/off 

 with on/off 

 with on/off 
Vibratory Indicator Under Load -
Display Hold - -
Voltage Test
Indication of Polarity
Resistance Measurement - - -
Switchable Load -
Single Pole Test for Phase
Rotary Field Indicator -
Probe Tip Protection
Voltage Display with
Discharged Battries
Electrical Torch Function -
Wear Indicator Test Lead Wire


 Specification Comparison T90 T110 T130 T150
Voltage AC/DC  12V - 690V   12V - 690V    6V - 690V   6V - 690V
Continuity 0-400kΩ
Frequency 0/40-400Hz
Phase Rotation - 100V-690V
Resistance Measurement - - -  Up to 1999Ω 
Response Time (LED Indicator) <0.5s
200kΩ Input Impedance Current Draw 3.5mA @ 690V
Current Draw 1.15mA @ 230V
 7kΩ Input Impedance (with load buttons pressed)   - Current draw 30mA @ 230V
Safety Rating CAT II 690V
 CAT III 600V 
 CAT IV 600V 
IP Rating IP54 IP54 IP64



What's Included?

  • Fluke T150 Voltage & Continuity Tester
  • Probe Storage Accessory
  • Instruction Manual
  • Push-On Probe Tips
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