Fluke 1587 FC TRMS Insulation Multimeter with Fluke Connect



  • PI/DAR timed ratio tests
  • AC/DC Voltage, DC Millivolts
  • AC/DC Milliamps
  • Resistance, Continuity
  • Auto discharge of capacitive voltage
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Warranty 3 years
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Fluke 1587 FC TRMS Insulation Multimeter with Fluke Connect

The Fluke 1587 is the perfect all in one for an engineer needing the features from a TRMS digital multimeter and an insulation tester. Having all of this in one unit gives the user the versatility they require for any job and makes them more efficient and reduces downtime.

When testing insulation, the test voltages the 1587 measures at are 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V, giving the user a more accurate picture of the insulation if it was just tested at 500V and 1000V. The insulation resistance ranges from 0.01M Ω to 2G Ω. The instrument can measure frequency, capacitance, diode, temperature, AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC milliamps, DC millivolts, resistance (0.1O-50MO) and continuity. As well as all these measurement capabilities, there are also features on the product that make the engineer's work much easier/safer, the insulation test smoothing reading eliminates huge fluctuations in insulation testing readings so that it doesn't affect the data. There is also auto discharge of capacitive voltage and the live circuit detector that will prevent an insulation test if there is more voltage than 30V present.

Fluke Connect adds many features to this product through the smartphone app, one of which is being able to being able to run PI/DAR timed ratio tests with trendit graphs, using this lets the engineer identify insulation issues faster. There is also a memory storage function on the Fluke Connect App, making it easier to be referred to and less chance of the data being lost. Temperature compensation give the user an accurate baseline and historic data to refer to.


Voltage DC
Maximum Voltage 1000V
Accuracy ±(0.2%+2)
Maximum Resolution 0.001V
Voltage AC
Maximum Voltage 1000V
Accuracy ±(2%+3)
Maximum Resolution 0.1mV
Current DC
Maximum Amps 400mA
Amps Accuracy ±(1.0%+2)
Maximum Resolution 0.01 mA
Current AC
Maximum Amps 400mA
Amps Accuracy ±(2.0%+2) 1kHz bandwidth
Maximum Resolution 0.01 mA
Maximum Resistance 50 MΩ
Accuracy ±(1.2%+2)
Maximum Resolution 0.1Ω
Insulation Test
Minimum Test Current @ 1kΩ/V 1mA
Test Voltages 500, 1000V
Maximum Resistance per Test Voltage 100V: 600 MΩ
Maximum Resolution per Test Voltage 50V: 0.01MΩ
100V: 0.01MΩ
250V: 0.1MΩ
500V: 0.1MΩ
100V: 0.1MΩ
Accuracy per Test Voltage 50V: ±(3 % + 5)
100V: ±(3 % + 5)
250V: ±(1.5 % + 5)
500V: ±(2.0 % + 5)
100V: ±(2.0 % + 5)


What's Included?

  • Fluke 1587FC TRMS Insulation Multimeter
  • Remote probe
  • Test leads
  • Alligator clips
  • K-type thermocouple
  • Hard case
  • Four AA alkaline batteries
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • CD Rom with Manual
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