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  1. Socket & See CB400 Non-Trip Installation Testing Calibration Checkbox



    80% of 100
    • Non-trip RCD testing method
    • Continually validate your instruments through regular self-calibration checks
    • Reduces expensive calibration costs
    • Null facility to remove lead resistance
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  2. Megger MTB7671 17th Edition Calibration Checkbox



    • The only one that fully tests your instruments to the regs.
    • Tests the full range of your tester’s capability not just what’s easy
    • Won’t trip RCD protected circuits
    • Checks insulation, continuity, loop and RCD functions of testers
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  3. Transmille 2080 17th Edition Checkbox



    • Designed with low cost and portability in mind.
    • Simple to use and provides the following functionality.
    • 3 high value resistors.
    • Dedicated 13A socket provides functional check of RCD tester operation.
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  4. Seaward PAT Checkbox (227A910)



    • Provide a safe, simple and quick means of checking the calibration of Seaward PAT's.
    • Used to check all portable appliance testers in the Seaward range, as well as those from other manufacturers.
    • Lightweight and portable and easy to operate.
    • Provides an immediate indication of the accuracy of the instrument.
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  5. Martindale CB12 Calibration Checkbox



    • Verify your insulation testers or multimeters are working within specification. 
    • Easy-to-use test box.
    • Impact resistant ABS case and is small enough to carry in your toolbox.
    • Verify your instruments in the field.
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